Reinforcement systems

Extrea companies have spent the last years for building their position on the costruction market. During this time, rejecting a wide range of customers, we managed to introduce to our offer high-quality specialized products for the construction industry. 

These include:

We have made every effort to ensure that the materials used in the production of our assortment are made of the highest quality raw materials. All our products have the necessary certificates and approvals and undergo a full cycle of inspections, which guarantees safety and the highest quality of solutions offered.

Punching shear reinforcement Punching shear reinforcement
Slabs in slab-and-column structures are usually two-way reinforced, which allows the transfer bending moments...
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Screwed connection reinforcement - Extrea Tec Screwed connection reinforcement - Extrea Tec
Extrea Tec is the highest quality screwed connection of rebars in the diameter range - 12-40 mm...
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ExBox-rebend connection reinforcement ExBox-rebend connection reinforcement
Sets of ExBox elements for linking the reinforcement are intended for connecting reinforced concrete structures ...
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X-TEC shear load connectors X-TEC shear load connectors
X-TEC shear load connectors are designed to transfer shear forces occurring in places of expansion joints of...
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Wall anchoring system Wall anchoring system
An anchoring and strengthening system for masonry walls...
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