Formwork systems



H<16 cm






For concrete elements of > 30 cm thick




At a height of less than 30 cm, RecoMax does not require additional reinforcements. Supports should be used for heights above 30 cm.



RecoMax must be stiffened up to a height of 90 cm by welding a reinforcing mesh. Above 90 cm, additional stays made of rebars should be used.




Category Joint type
Coefficient of friction
Lower Very smooth 0,0 0,5
Low Smooth 1,4 0,6
Medium Rough 2,0 0,7
Highest Toothed 2,4 1,0




μ - the friction coefficient,
βct  - the roughness,
b - the construction joint width,
ck - the concrete strength,
s - the steel cross-section,
yd - the steel strength,
Ed - the force acting in the joint,
η1 - the correction coefficient,
σNd - the normal perpendicular tension in the joint,
α - the reinforcement angle in the joint,
cd - the concrete strength taking into account the safety factor.




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