ErFlex system


Product description
ErFlex is a complete set of elements made of galvanized sheet metalcovered with bituminous mass, used for systematic sealing of all construction joints of the reinforced concrete structure. The system has the current National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2017/0073.


Application of the ErFlex system components





ErFlex 120 and 160  ErFlex 120 and 160
Sealing construction joints at the board-wall, wall-board contact...
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RECOMAX 1000B / 1000BV RECOMAX 1000B / 1000BV
It is a unique combination of the stay-in-place formwork and ErFlex sealing...
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ErFlex BV ErFlex BV
The element for inducing and sealing scratches in walls. The element width is chosen based on the wall thickness...
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RecoMax 3000B RecoMax 3000B
The element for inducing and sealing scratches in foundation and ceiling slabs. The element width is chosen...
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RecoMax 5000 / 5000B RecoMax 5000 / 5000B
The stay-in-place formwork for foundation and ceiling slabs with a bitumen seal and a reinforcing structure of a...
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